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Weddings at Fateh Niwas Udaipur 2
Weddings at Fateh Niwas Udaipur 1

Celebrate the most auspicious moment of your life at Fateh Niwas, Udaipur. Make your wedding unique and special at our beautiful lakeside property. 

Our banquet halls at Fateh Niwas, Udaipur, are designed for your dream destination wedding in Udaipur and grand parties and can accommodate 500 guests. The grand banquet hall comes with multiple settings such as floating crowd, theatre setting, u-shaped settings, cluster settings, and classroom settings. These banquet halls are equipped with Wi-Fi, projector, air-conditioning, audio-visual equipment. At Fateh Niwas, Udaipur, our experienced and skilled team of staff are committed to creating a memorable event in Udaipur for our guests.

Weddings at Fateh Niwas Udaipur 3
Weddings at Fateh Niwas Udaipur 1

Know more about us...

Fateh Garh: 48 rooms
Fateh Niwas:  47 rooms
Rampratap Palace: 29 rooms

All our properties are built in a heritage style and have their own uniqueness.

Fateh Garh is a Heritage renaissance property overlooking the Udaipur city, spread out on 60 acres of land. We are a sustainable, ethical and responsible luxury heritage renaissance property.  There are 48 rooms situated on 7 different levels with 2 swimming pools along with private terrace and lawns. There are 3 venues in the property, which we use: - Jai Bagh located on the lowest level of the property can accommodate around 225 Pax and can be used for Gala dinners or stage events. Jai Bagh is divided into 2 levels, the upper level is with a swimming pool and lawn where gala dinner can be organised in a beautiful setting, whereas the lower level is open terrace where a stage can be set up for functions. Baradari is at the top level in the property where we can accommodate approx 400 pax. It is an open terrace with an infinity swimming pool and a glass restaurant. We also have a conference hall where we can accommodate around 150 pax. We serve multi-cuisine food in both our restaurants.

Fateh Garh Open Air Venue

Baradari Terrace

Floating Style - 500 pax
Round table Seating - 250 pax
Dimension - 40m/21m
Area - 9147ft/2772m

Sun Set Terrace

Floating Style - 300 pax
Round table Seating - 2 pax
Dimension - 35m/57m
Area - 6555ft/1986m

Jai Bagh Upper Terrace

Floating Style - 150 pax
Round table Seating - 100 pax
Dimension - 23m/25m
Area - 6000ft/1818m

Jai Bagh Lower terrace

Floating Style - 150 pax
Round table Seating - 100 pax
Dimension - 21m/15m | 06m/09m
Area - 3960ft/1200m

Janana Courtyard and Lounge

Wedding Venue - 200 pax
Dimension - 16m/15m
Area - 2700ft/818m

Fateh Niwas is a newly built heritage style property with a focus on the antique. We have 2 huge gardens on the property, which are used for weddings and events, accommodating approx 800 pax. A separate area called Tapovan built by the ruin of a 1,200 years old temple, which can be a private venue or used for special functions accommodating approx. 100 pax.  There are 2 restaurants and 2 swimming pools in the hotel both on the ground floor and on the terrace. View of the city palace and Lake Pichola is superb.

Raaj Bagh our lakeside restaurant on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake is an ideal venue to host a pre-wedding function for 80-100 pax. With a front on the lakeside and backdrop of Ram Pratap, it could be an ideal venue for a get together prior to the function.

Rampratap Palace is a boutique heritage style property on the edge of Fateh Sagar, with fantastic views of the Lake.

Please note that there is a small vintage car collection, some of which can be used in the wedding procession, the vedai or any other function.

Fateh Niwas Open Air Venue

Garden 1

Floating Style - 750 pax
Round table Seating - 300 pax
Wedding Venue - 400 pax
Dimension - 28.78m/40m
Area - 12445ft/3771m


Floating Style - 1000 pax
Round table Seating - 400 pax
Dimension - 14.50m/91m
Area - 14100ft/4272m

Pool Side Garden

Floating Style - 50 pax
Round table Seating - 50 pax
Wedding Venue - 600 pax
Dimension - 26m/6.5m
Area - 1785ft/540m

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